Ambassadors, Sponsoring & Membership

Brand Ambassador

As a Speedwolfs™ ambassador, you will be part of a global team of motorsports enthusiasts, all sharing the love for cars & passion in mechanics.

Not only will you gain access to a growing and passionate community, but you will also have access to following perks :

- Access to Wolfers - only gear.

     - Early access to product releases .

     - Exclusive gifts.

  - Direct contact with our founder.

   - A 20% off, unique discount code, for personal use and to share.

     - Exclusive access to the private Wolfers Lounge (a private Facebook group)

     - Direct involvement in upcoming products produced by the the LAB

..and even more to come.

Family by loyalty

We entrust you with representing us at events and everywhere you go. Representing with our official merchandise and stickers. 

All the merchandise will be provided by the LAB where you will be granted a VIP Account, exclusive benefits and much more! 


 Speedwolfs™ sponsorships are primarily on an invite-only basis. If you believe you can truly bring value and visibility to the Speedwolfs™ brand, but haven’t been invited, you may apply to become a sponsored member by filling the form below.

It is highly advised you make your proposal stand out. We don't ask for much, so please take it seriously.


Our Annual Membership is available on limited numbers only. Once the Wolf Team is full, it means we won't be able to provide you with our commitment on delivering the best personalised service at our maximum potential. Hence we have decided on limiting  the amount of applications we take in. Exceptions will be taken into consideration regarding your reputation within the members and Team Speedwolfs™ Staff. Without a membership regular clients will not be granted access to our finishing treatments. Thank you for your understanding! We hope to receive your membership application soon!

*Please note that being an ambassador is different from being sponsored. For more information on sponsorships, please contact us. Make sure you choose the right option  when applying below, as we will not take applications if we consider them misplaced.