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Dare To Wolf...Dare to Speedwolfs.

Bred in the Swiss Alps during the summer of 2019, we considered our environment to be one of the most daring places around the world. Making us enjoy the beautiful Swiss scenery and mountain roads, giving us ideas to evolve our fearless designs and brands everywhere we go. Having found a gap in the apparel market in Switzerland, we merged local inspiration with the international trends we see every day, implementing it on our day to day... After successfully trademarking Speedwolfs, the industries and secret wolf society brands, we built our own detailing centre for the maintenance and cleaning of  your vehicles in Valais.

100% Organic Cotton and More.

Here at Speedwolfs, with our eyes on the streets, we try to keep it real by developing limited edition apparel for the lucky few. All of our products are produced with love in the United States and Europe. Each product is thoroughly checked before being sent out to you! What we wear is exactly what you will get.
 Our aim is to keep you as happy as possible with our merchandise developed specifically for you, by our mad scientists at the LAB
We are constantly evolving through bespoke designs, fit, lines and textures while still maintaining the clean look that our brand has become known for in Switzerland. 
At the same time we promote local art work alongside international renowned artists from all over the world. 

Always aiming on Growth, Sustainability & Development.

  Speedwolfs has one sole purpose, to bring the real American feeling into Switzerland, designing & promoting a fearless brand, loved by few, worn by rebels. Ranging from simplistic designs too extremely wild ones, it's an underground driving community & brand straight out of Valais. Secret roads and special locations in the alps are one of many of Speedwolfs specialities. Some will love us, most won't, but we ain't here to please, we are here to change the game. Speedwolfs offers other services in the automotive industry, all the magic happens out of a privately owned atelier in Monthey. We are prepared to deliver and provide goods with Suisse level of expertise and upmost care. You're leaving your car in good hands. We promise. 

Another great addition for Speedwolfs in 2019 was partnering up with 91ANDUP

Wolfer Services

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Javier, CEO
Lena, CFO